And how do we find it?

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Intellect is the capacity to think through reason, then act. It is far different from intelligence, which can be obtained from a book, teaching(s), or life experiences. It follows the culmination of self-discipline and enables us to more easily maintain control over our life experiences with integrity and clarity. It can be developed on its own but is often sought after and obtained with practice. I admit that I lack intellect. Instead of responding, I react. Oftentimes it is out of insecurity or unwillingness to admit that I’m wrong about something. I believe my reactions are rooted in lifelong behavioral…

It’s nothing more than rewiring our subconscious mind to be happier.

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The power of positive affirmations is often overlooked as something that seems too good to be true, or a practice that is a waste of time or doesn’t truly yield results. Through my personal experience, I have realized that by intentionally reciting positive words, thoughts, phrases, or feelings on a regular basis, I have begun to re-wire my subconscious mind in many ways.

I have learned how to respond rather than react. I have adapted my mindset to look at the glass half full. Most importantly, I have gotten in the habit of being more gentle with myself, taking all…

Remove limiting beliefs by living in the future.

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What is a limiting belief? To me, it’s something I subconsciously trained myself to believe as truth, even with no real evidence or reason behind the thought. Oftentimes, limiting beliefs are processed over a long period of time, after repetition from myself and others. When people believe they are not smart enough, capable of starting a business, attractive enough to have a lover, and so on, these beliefs influence important aspects of life.

These rigid thought systems don’t usually come to fruition overnight, but we rarely notice when or how we form them. People are more easily influenced by others…

It is the gateway to the spiritual realm and higher self.

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The third eye in many religions is the spiritual center of the brain. The third eye is located in between the eyes which is where the pineal gland is. Many ancient cultures who place an emphasis on the third eye believe that is the gateway between the physical realm in human form and the spiritual, non-physical realm.

Pineal Gland

Most people have a pineal gland that is calcified or hardened. There are some theories that consuming fluoride can calcify the pineal gland as well as toxins we consume in our environment like pesticides, pollution, etc. …

Now, I can’t live without it.

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I have never been the best at oral care. I always forget to floss and there have been nights when I go to bed without brushing — gross, I know. At the beginning of Covid, I decided to take responsibility for my health more than ever. I started thinking of ways I could improve my immune system, overall wellbeing, and lifestyle to reflect a healthier one. Now, basically a year later, I cannot go a day without scraping my tongue. I even bring my scraper on vacation with me!

After much research, I learned that many illnesses start in the…

Yes, the average person can successfully utilize this universal law to their benefit.

Picture of the author consciously manifesting during a state of high vibration at a dance party — a true candid

So, you want to learn how to manifest intentionally. I’m genuinely happy for you that you have come across the phrase the “seventeen-second rule” and you have decided to pursue further reading and research. I deliberately include the word intentionally to describe manifesting because you should know that we are constantly manifesting, whether we believe it to be true, realize it, or accept it as so. Every circumstance, person, feeling, and material possession you currently have in your life was manifested in the vibrational realm prior to showing itself in the physical realm and becoming *real.*

Now, if you’re new…

And I would highly recommend it.

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If you’re unfamiliar with what lion’s breath is, it is basically a technique where you open your mouth as wide as you can, stick out and stretch your tongue downward, and breathe out heavily with a loud and drawn out sigh. You can raise your gaze to look upward, too. If you do it right, you will look similar to the lion above and probably feel a bit odd at first. It is a type of yogic breathing known as pranayama, and it’s actually proven to help with emotional regulation and well-being. …

The world is yours, all you have to do is imagine it first.

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What is Visualization?

Everyone visualizes from time to time, even when it’s unintentional and they don’t realize it. Maybe they’re daydreaming about something they wish to happen. Or, they could be rehashing a sour memory in their mind as they try to make it play out differently. Visualization is simply imagining something in your mind’s eye that may or may not actually have happened yet. Fun fact — your mind doesn’t know the difference between daydreams and reality!

On Visualizations

How often should you visualize when you desire something? What borders on obsession which then leads to resistance?

Make sure you don’t make visualizations a…

And how to direct our thoughts with purpose.

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Law of Attraction

If you’re new to studying the law of attraction or other universal laws, you may still be trying to wrap your head around the ever-perplexing concept that thoughts create things. All of our thoughts are created in the energetic realm. Every thought holds a vibration, just as physical materials and things do. …

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