Hi there, friend ❣️

I'm Susie-content queen, beach bum, and chocolate enthusiast.

I've been writing on Medium for 3+ years, where I focus on improving the quality of life through mindfulness, positive thinking, and a fighting spirit.✨

You can find LOADS of digital writing tips here that teach you the ins and outs of Medium and how to make real money writing online.💸

Driven by the art of storytelling and human connection, I've already connected with readers over 10 MILLION times across this vast internet. That's because people buy when they relate to the story. It's our human nature. 🧬

Let's talk words. My favorite thing in the world!💬

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Susie Pinon

Susie Pinon

If I’m not typing, I’m at the beach, eating chocolate, yoga-ing, or watching my soaps. Here to help you grow into your best self without making it hurt.😉