Dairy is Scary

When you know better, you do better.

Susie Pinon


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A lot of people are unaware of the ethical issues accompanying the consumption of dairy. They assume that since cows need to be milked that there is no harm in consuming the product they provide.

Of course, cows need to be milked, but due to genetic breeding, they produce mass amounts of milk that would otherwise be extremely unnatural. This selective breeding also results in overly sized udders, which is why most dairy cows face mastitis- a painful inflammation and infection of the udders, regularly in commercial farming.

Pregnant Cows Make Milk

Cows produce milk only when they are pregnant. I didn’t know that for a long time until it was brought to my attention in my junior year of college. Cows are impregnated by artificial means starting at only 12 months old.

They are secured into a device called a “rape rack” where a human puts their arm through the cow’s anus, sometimes with their fist to loosen the area. They do this to initially remove any feces so they can maneuver the cervix to insert bull semen into it. They obtain the bull semen by ejaculating the bull repeatedly.

Calf Removal

After the cow gives birth, the baby calf is removed within 24–72 hours from their mama, never to see each other again. If it’s a male baby, it is raised for veal, and if it’s a female, it goes into dairy production and eventual slaughter, as do all dairy cows.

Cows have a maternal drive, and when their baby is taken from them, they engage in what is called pining, for days or weeks. This is when they cry out for their baby out of desperation, confusion, and sadness.

How Many Births Do Cows Have?

Cows are repeatedly kept impregnated for their entire short-lived lives to keep them lactating, otherwise, they would eventually stop producing milk since it’s intended for their young until weaning. This leads to premature aging, exhaustion, and mastitis, as mentioned earlier.

After about 4–5 years of being a milk machine, cows collapse and are referred to as downers. At this point they are then removed by any means possible to bring them to slaughter to beef. But…



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