Boost Your Immunity During Seasonal Transitions

Start with increasing your self-awareness. Eliminate STRESS!

Susie Pinon
6 min readNov 30, 2021


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“Dis-ease leads to disease.” -Abraham Hicks

Before long, the last leaves of autumn will fall back into the earth. Their nutrients are absorbed by the deep roots of our oxygen supply. In New Jersey, early mornings are enveloped by a crisp chill that sends a sharp awakening through my human form.

I grasp for pockets of sun to warm my spirit. I level up my self-care to prevent sickness. Of course, I try to re-focus on nutrition and getting proper sleep. Though, I know that immunity is not solely dependent on those things.

Stress breaks down the body. Dis-ease leads to disease. I commit to tackling my biggest burden — mental stress. You should, too.

The Elders Would Say

As a child, elders warn you not to go outside without a coat when the temperature drops out of fear of catching a cold. They reprimand you for playing in the snow with a wet head. It’s not very smart — I would always get sick after doing this.

Growing up, I remember being told to bundle up and stay warm. That was the only form of protection I was made aware of. There was no focus on nutrition, proper sleep, stress reduction, or exercise. I guess my parents didn’t know any better. As an adult, I work on breaking the pattern. I treat myself better because I know I deserve good things in life.

Dear Abraham

Abraham Hicks helped me to solidify the connection between our mental state and physical health. As a renowned law of attraction coach, she regularly connects with Source. She receives insight on how to make our time on earth better and utilize our purpose.

Abraham taught me that I am worthy of enjoying the highest quality of life possible. She exposed me to the reality that I am in control of each moment, each consequence, and each series of events.

If dis-ease is not transmuted from the body, it will formulate into something physical. It could be a cold or the sniffles. It could also be a life-threatening or chronic illness.



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